MySimpleShow: The Best Explainer Video Maker for Bloggers

Blogging is all about explaining and expressing things related to different niches. Right?

So, if you’re a good blogger, I’m sure you’re always looking for new ways to explain things better. And for that, there are so many ways such as text posts, video content, podcasts, infographics, checklist, etc. but today I’m going to talk about one creative way.

Guess what?

It’s about using “Explainer Videos”

Think- How great if all the technical workflows and explanations can be explained as an explainer video instead of just normal text?

Readers gonna love this type of content because they don’t need to imagine the things on their mind. Here you’re providing them visual content so they can easily understand your topic.

Why Explainer Videos are better?

  • Explainer videos have a proven learning effect.
  • Explainer videos are fun.
  • More Attention
  • Explainer videos ease complexity.
  • This type of videos stays in mind.
  • Say more than words.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking- how can I create awesome and attention grabbing explainer video that loved by readers?

I’ve good news for you!

There is an awesome online tool called “mysimpleshow” which will help you to make amazing explainer videos. And, the most important thing about this tool is, It’s free.

What you need more now?

Go to this site and start making cool explainer videos.

Visit: mysimpleshow

Now, Let’s see all the things about mysimpleshow in detail.

Probably now you’re thinking- why should I use mysimpleshow for creating explainer videos? There is no other software or tools in the market which are better than this one?

So, Let me tell you…

“mysimpleshow is the one of the best in its segments from features to pricing”

Why you should use mysimpleshow (Features)

  • Creating an explainer video through mysimpleshow is very easy (Just 4 steps process)

Step-1: Draft

Step-2: Write

Step-3: Visualise

Step-4: Finalize

  • There are thousands of mysimpleshow illustrations as well as you can upload your own images too.
  • You can record your own voice for videos or mysimpleshow will take care of it.
  • Instant video preview so you can make the changes as you want.
  • mysimpleshow will help you to create a perfect storyline for your topic.

  • simpleshow has created explainer videos for corporate customers for about 9 years. (So, they know how they can help you to create the best)

Here is a video guide which will help you to know more about mysimpleshow

Take a Look at Few Videos Which are Made by mysimpleshow

1) Remembering Steve Jobs

2) Algorithms and the arts

All these videos are so cool and easy to understand. Isn’t it?

Probably you’re thinking now- How can I create this kind of videos?

So, here is the complete guide for you.

How to Create an Explainer Videos through mysimpleshow?

As I said earlier, making explainer videos through this tool is very very easy. There are just 4 simple steps. Let’s have a look on it.

Step-0: Create an account and Login into it

Yes! Create an account and simply login into it.

Step-1: Draft

Now, your real process begins. Once you successfully login to your account, click on “My Videos” link from the navbar. There you can see “Create new video” section. Simply click on in you’ll be moved to the first section of the video creation process.

Once you click on create new video, one another popup will show. Here, enter your video name which you are going to create. See below screenshot.

Now, You need to choose storyline for your video. Storyline means “kind of video type you want to create” For example, If you want to explain your business idea as an explainer video, you can choose “Explain your business” storyline

mysimpleshow has lots of storylines, but bloggers can use some of them such as,

  • Explain a workflow
  • Explain your vision and strategy
  • Present a board report
  • How to use your software
  • Explain your business
  • Explain your marketplace
  • Communicate a marketer change
  • Introduce your company
  • etc.


Once you choose the storyline, your first step is completed.

Step-2: Write

This is writing section of video creation process. Here, you need to write your content of the video (Don’t worry. There are examples which will show you how to do that). This content section includes Title, Application area, Basics, Call to Action, etc. If you don’t want to add your own voice over then, this text will be played as an audio of the explainer video. How great it is!

Once you complete this section, proceed to next step by clicking on “Choose Visuals” button from the bottom.

Step-3: Visualise

This is the most important step of this process as you’re going to make an explainer video.

In this step, you can insert visual character according to your story. For example, If you want to tell people “WordPress Setup is kids play now” then you can insert WordPress logo, Kids and they are playing with that WordPress logo (Interesting!).

Once you insert your all the visualization, next step is to choose the audio for that visualization.

Step-4: Finalize

This is the last step of this video creation process. In this step, you can add audio to the video.

Once you successfully inserted the audio, you can preview it by clicking on “Play Video” button otherwise complete the process by click ing on “Finalize video.”

Note: You can not record or upload your own audio files in the free plan. For doing that, you have to upgrade your subscription from free to any paid plan (Fun, Business, Pro, Enterprise)

Now, your explainer video is ready!

You can publish your video to many online platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Wistia. And, for saving it on your computer, you can simply download as a mp4 video file.

So, this was the complete process of creating an explainer video through mysimpleshow.

Now, probably you’re thinking- “What the price I need to pay for creating these kinds of explainer videos?”

So, Let me tell you, There are different plans from Free to 499$. That means you can create awesome explainer videos for FREE too.

Let’s see pricing of this tool.

mysimpleshow pricing

mysimpleshow offers main four types of plans.

  1. Free
  2. Fun (5.99$)
  3. Business (89$)
  4. Pro (499$)

See the following screenshot to know features of each plan.

Comparision of All plans

Over to You

Now, I’m sure you know “how to create an explainer video, no matter you’re in the business of blogging, Marketing, or any other. mysimpleshow is there for you.

Also, you know very well that you can create videos for free too. However, upgrading to the paid plan is totally worth.

So, why are you waiting for? Start creating awesome explainer videos now.

Visit: mysimpleshow

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