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Online based shopping has turned into a pioneer nowadays.  The majority of the general population nowadays are demonstrating enthusiasm towards shopping in online than by going to the shopping centers. The accessibility of an extensive variety of items at one place is the most well-known motivation behind why the greater part of the general population or tending towards internet shopping. Website based shopping has many favorable circumstances as well. The greater part of the internet business mammoths gives offers and arrangements on marked items sometimes. Sparing plans are actually thumbs up in web based shopping. There are various internet shopping locales (shopping sites) that are putting forth administrations to the clients and coming to the sides of the nation.

Here are the most popular online shopping sites which you can use right now to purchase at a fair and cheap rate.

Best Online Shopping Sites of India


When it comes to shopping, Flipkart is always at the preferred end. The entire population of India is dependent and relied on Flipkart to meet their needs, and shopping urges. No matter you are looking for a needle or a refrigerator, Flipkart has everything to offer you. You can find all kinds of things on Flipkart. It has mode commodities than a shopping mall or a complex.


An expansive number of individuals from India depend on the services given by Amazon. Amazon and Flipkart are dependably at war with each other and are very close competitors. Amazon has a similarly broad number of items as Flipkart. Indeed, Amazon obviously offers more than Flipkart. Although it is an American Company, it has always lived up to the expectations of Indian consumers. It is insightful for its Indian customers. It would then be a moment to hit among the majority.


Snapdeal is an entirely Indian site and is regularly favored by the majority for its modest rates. It offers items at truly low costs and thus, is a most loved of the majority. It is a smart thought to purchase from Snapdeal in the event that you are searching at totally shabby costs. In any case, there have been times when buyers have griped of the results of Snapdeal and subsequently, some of them avoid Snapdeal.

This shopping site was founded in 2012 and contains more than 500,000 products and amazing filters


Jabong is an American Company is known for exhibiting Indian fashion, the variety of clothes, footwears, other household stuff that Jabong presents to its users has always appealed them, and that’s why it has become one of the most favorite sites for online shopping. All the products that it offers have a reasonable price so that the user or buyer does not feel cheated.

It has a beautiful interface which attracts more buyers to it with lots of useful filters and provides fast delivery services all over India. In big cities of India, the product ordered is sent within 48 hours and other cities and towns it does not take more than 2-3 days. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Net Banking and Cash on delivery for purchasing.


ShopClues gives you a diverse range of smartphones, computers, home and electronic appliances, clothing, footwears at very cheap prices. The headquarter of Shopclues is situated in Gurgaon.

Around 12,000 people have created accounts from 9500 places on ShopClues. It has more than 2,00,000 products to offer to the users of ShopClues.

Homeshop 18

All those who shop online, this shopping site is a very popular one. The products available on this website can be sent to the very extreme corners of India, where you can not go out and shop. Also, these are very cheap, unlike the shopping sites which have very expensive and overpriced stuff. It has many buyers who shop various collection of products like phones, other electronic gadgets, clothes, shoes and much more.


eBay is the global online shopping website. It is one of the best sites of you want to buy anything, and it has come out to be really useful for the people who are working and do not have time to go market and buy things. All ranges of products are sold on this site, all you have to do is to make a list of what do you want. You will find all sorts of all products on this site at reasonable prices. So eBay is succeeding as the site for shopping any item.


Paytm.com was launched with the purpose of recharging phone, and now it is emerging as the site where you get everything from baby’s cradle to women jewelry and much more. Now you can pay electricity’s bill, recharge phone and buy stuff and even watch a movie and do much more. Paytm is attracting more users because of its service of cashback, on recharges and other payments through Paytm you get cashback.


Bigbasket is an amazing site for buying groceries like vegetables, fruits, products of personal care. You do not have to spend time on traveling to buy groceries if you do not have provision store and vegetable market near you, you just have to go the site of BigBasket and order whatever you want and it will be delivered to your house in minimum time. Using credit and debit cards, you get a cashback of 20%.


Voonik.com is emerging as shopping site especially for women. Women are buying clothes and other accessories like jewelry, bags, shoes, and lingerie from Voonik.com because the quality available on this website is new and affordable. Very often it provides discounts and fancy offers for it users. Women are increasingly opening their accounts on this website for shopping.

Over to you

So, this was the top 10 online shopping sites list. You can use any of these online sites to purchase your things. All sites have slightly difference pricings, offers, discounts, and deals. Visit these sites and start shopping online.

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