12 Reasons Why Rank Math is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Rank Math SEO is a recently launched WordPress plugin from a well-known company MyThemeShop. It is specially made for those who’re looking for better blog optimization.

You can find hundreds of SEO plugins on a WordPress but from all of those, few are actually usable.

Let’s understand first, why you should do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your blog.

SEO is the process of getting free traffic through search engines

SEO can help you to,

  • Drive More Organic Traffic
  • Rank Higher for a Relevant Keywords
  • Get Backlinks and Ultimately Grow Faster
  • Build an Authority Blog in a Particular Niche
  • Give better user experience
  • Mak more passive income

So now, you’re pretty convinced to say “everyone should do SEO for their blog”

But the question is –  How to do SEO effectively?

The simple answer is – Using a Perfect SEO WordPress Plugin.

Using multiple plugins for SEO slows your blog down and creates a good chance to conflicts with each other. This situation kills your blog and creates a really bad impression on the search engines (aka Google)

So, what’s the solution?

The solution is – Use that plugin which can do all the SEO task alone. Yes, As simple as that!

Here comes the plugin – Rank Math SEO

This plugin is specially designed for bloggers who want to do perfect SEO for their blog and wants some visible results in a small amount of time.

Probably you’re thinking now,

How can you say that the Rank Math SEO is the best SEO plugin?

Let me explain you,

This plugin has so many awesome and important features but I covered top 12 features here.

So, Let’s get started!


Why Rank Math SEO?

#1: Quick, Easy, and Auto-Configured Installation

Rank Math plugin comes up with a very user-friendly installation which is quick, easy and works on auto-configuration. You don’t need to spend hours on setting up all the SEO configurations for your website again.

They have set up a step by step wizard which allows you to change the configurations manually and add custom data to your SEO configuration.

Do you know? they also gave you an option to import all your preview SEO setting from the last SEO plugin you have on your website. In case, if you’re using Yoast SEO plugin then Rank Math plugin will automatically import all your previous setting from the Yoast plugin.

I would say, This plugin is Far better than Yoast SEO plugin. It will surely replace Yoast from the SEO market in the future.

#2: Simple but Powerful SEO Interface

As you know, SEO is quite complicated so you need a simple interface which can do each and every optimization tasks with ease.

Rank Math SEO does the same. It provides an easy, quick, interface. It gives you a smooth and dynamic interface with a lot of extra features in it.

The simple but amazing dashboard interface of the plugin highlights the essential details regarding your website SEO. Also, some optimization tips.

#3: Keyword Optimization

As you know, the keyword is the most important elements in SEO. Also. it’s the key feature of every SEO tool today.


A keyword is a phrase (the main word) which you want to rank on Google through the optimization.

You can do a perfect keyword optimization with help of Rank Math SEO plugin. With this Amazing plugin, you can add up to 5 focus keywords for your content. which helps you in ranking and optimizing your content for multiple keywords.

It also shows optimization tips for every focus keyword you have in your content.

The same feature in Yoast SEO comes up in the premium category. Remembered that?

#4: Google Keyword Rank Tracking

Rank Math SEO plugin offers keyword tracking itself. You don’t need to use any external paid tool to track your keywords.

Well, this feature of Rank Math plugin is still under development and will be live soon for the users.

But, just think – You don’t have to spend time on different tools for tracking your keywords on Google. Apart from time, you’ll also end up saving some bucks in your pocket.

How awesome is that!

#5: Shows Google Crawl Errors

If google crawl error doesn’t solve immediately it can affect badly on your blog SEO. You’ve to take it seriously.

This plugin shows you Google Crawlers error within the dashboard. You don’t need to open google search console for that.

That’s a very convenient feature of Rank Math SEO plugin. It gives you almost every option of Goole Search console directly into your Rank Math SEO dashboard.

#6: XML Sitemap

Sitemap plays a very important role in the indexing part. Everybody agrees with that. As Sitemaps tell the search engine crawlers the roadmap of your website. So they can crawl each and every page of your website effectively.

Now you don’t have to waste time on submitting your website sitemaps to the search engines. All your tasks will be automated.

You can enable this during the installation process or you can do that from Sitemap Settings.

This plugin automatically submits your new pages and posts link to the search engine through the sitemap. You just need to enable it and that’s it. Sit back and let the plugin do its work.

You’ll have more time to spend on other factors of your website optimization.

#7: Rich Support to All kind of Contents

Rich snippets are something that can help you to drive a good amount of visitors from the search engines. It also helps you being apart from the other search results.

Rich snippets also help in increasing the CTR of your website in google search results. It grabs the attention of the user from the search results.

Generally, for rich snippets, you have to implement Schema structure to your website, but Rank Math plugin will make sure, that you don’t have to spend time on the Schema Structure of your website.

It has the feature of Rich Snippets and Structured Data.

Article Rich Snippet:

These are the rich snippets related to blog article & posts. In google search results, you’ll see some star rating for some articles when you’ll search for them.

They are Article Rich Snippet. You can also index your articles as Article Rich Snippet with Rank Math SEO plugin.

Product Rich Snipped:

If you own a product and your business revolves around different products then Rank Math will surely help you to get some good organic customers from google with the help of product rich snippet.

It’ll help you to rank your product in the form of rich snippet in google index.

So when someone searches for the related query, they can land on your product page.

Recipe Rich Snippet:

If you own a food blog or a cooking blog. posting recipes of different categories? but not getting enough traffic from the search results.

Then Rank Math will help you to stand apart and acquire a lot of organic traffic from the search results.

You don’t have to work a lot, it’ll manage everything.

Event Rich Snippet:

Are you an event manager? or a company? If yes then this plugin will be going to make your work so easy.

With Rank Math plugin, you can easily create Event rich snippets in Google search results for your events. No other plugin gives you such options for free.

Video Rich Snippet:

You must have seen video rich snippets while you’re searching for some keywords on the google. This will help to get more video views from the organic search. If you optimize your videos properly, you can easily rank them higher.

Local Business Rich Snippet:

Having a local business? want to get more customers from a special locality?

Here, Local business rich snippets will help you. It’ll help you to increase awareness about your business in your locality.

For example: if you own a cafe in your locality. so when someone searches for the keyword ” Cafe near me” they’ll land on the search results with all the nearby cafes.

If you’ll have a rich snippet for your local business. you’ll get more customer attention.

#8: Reliable SEO Analysis Tool

MyThemeShop took over 3 years in developing the Rank Math SEO tool. With proper market research and SEO implementation, Rank Math is developed.

It gives you an in-depth SEO analysis of your website for free of cost. You can rely on them for their SEO analysis results too.

It took a complete SEO review of your website, from site loading time to custom SEO errors. You’ll get to know about everything from the Rank Math Dashboard.

It’ll also tell you the points of optimization & correction of your website SEO. They claim to test your website for 20 factors as of now, they also confirmed that they are still working & improving their SEO Analysis tool with more and more feature.

#9: Link Builder

Links are the most important thing in SEO. Right?

How great if your links will build automatically. That would be insane.

Using Rank Math SEO plugin, you can build links automatically to your website. This will surely help you boost your rankings in google search results.

#10: Control the Title and Meta Description for all posts and pages

Think- Why someone clicks on your headline even you don’t have the main keyword in title and meta description.

Rank Math SEO allows you to control everything. You can have a custom Title & meta description of all your content. This will help you to optimize your blog more efficiently.

It also gives you Tips on optimizing your headlines for better CTR.

#11: Yoast and All In One SEO Pack Importer

If you’re doing SEO since while then you might be using some well-known SEO plugins such as Yoast and All in SEO Pack. This is the time, you have to move from your previous SEO plugin to the new better SEO plugin i.e Rank Math SEO plugin.

So you might be thinking,

How to move from Yoast to Rank Math SEO?


How to Move from AIO SEO Pack?

The answer is- Rank Math SEO will take care of all these stuff. You don’t need to worry about that. They offer Yoast Importer as well as All in One SEO Pack importer.

You don’t have to work for moving anything. Rank Math SEO plugin gives you an option to automatically import all your previous settings from Yoast SEO to your new Rank Math SEO plugin. Same goes for All in One SEO Pack.

# 12: High Quality 24/7/365 days support

Many SEO plugins are good but they badly suck at the support part. Rank Math SEO did a really great job here.

They offer 24/7/365 support to the users. What you need more? 🙂


Rank Math SEO plugin is a really useful and awesome tool in the SEO industry. They are giving a lot of premium options to their users for optimizing their website. You can get better search engine visibility and rank with help of Rank Math SEO plugin.

If you compare Rank Math SEO with other SEO plugins, generally Yoast SEO,  You’ll see a lot of difference. You’ll get a lot more options than Yoast.

On every point, Rank Math works better than other SEO plugins in the market.

So go for Rank Math SEO plugin. It will definitely help you to do the best possible optimization for your site.

Visit Rank Math SEO

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