How to Rank Higher on Google (Updated 2017)

Google ranking has always been a mystery.

Today, I’m going to teach you how can you rank higher on the top of google. No matter your blog is old or brand new.

So, there is so many factors and things which you should take in mind.

Let’s see it, step by step.

Keyword Research

This is a very crucial step.

Keyword research helps to understand the value of a keyword, keywords competition, and the demand(search volume) on the web.

There is no benefit of a keyword which has 50 searches per month and you’re ranking #1 for it. It is a total waste.

You should alway try to rank for a keyword which has higher search volume and more benefit.

If you do a proper keyword research then your chance to rank will be higher and you’ll be more beneficial as well.

Now, probably you’re thinking how can I find these types of keywords? Don’t worry. I have a guide for you.

I wrote the ultimate guide for keyword research. Just check it out.

Read: Keyword Research: The ultimate guide.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is the most powerful ranking factor. If you have an article with perfect on-page optimization, you can rank without any link building technique.

On Page SEO includes…

Title Tag

Your title of a blog post should contain the main keyword.


Permalink should contain a targeted keyword.

Meta Description

It helps to get a higher rank as well as get higher CTR from the SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). Write a good and compelling description around your keyword. It’s a good practice to include the keyword in it.

Main Keyword in first and last 150 words

Yes, Include your main as well as secondary keywords in the first and last 150 words. It helps to bring higher position.

Keyword Density

I recommend you to use keyword naturally in the whole blog post. It has always been a great practice. Try to include main and secondary keywords in the article.

LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are basically keywords related to your main keyword. It helps search engine to understand your core topic. So, don’t forget to include it.

Bold, Italic, Underline the keyword

This is well known on page SEO tip. Make your keyword Bold, Italic, and Underlined in your article.

Complete On Page SEO guide

I wrote a complete guide about On Page SEO. Check it out.

Read: On Page SEO: The definitive guide.

Off Page SEO

I’ve seen so many sites which are ranking with almost no content. I literally amazed and tried to find the reason behind that…

Finally, I found the reason. “That web page has hundreds of backlinks”

Yes, those sites did the perfect Off Page SEO and that’s why they ranked.

So now you can imagine the power of Off Page SEO.

Now, Probably you’re thinking…

How to do Off Page SEO?

Here is the answer…

Build backlinks for your web page or article which you want to rank. That’s it!

I’ve written a complete guide about link building. check it out and build the good backlinks.

Read: Off Page SEO: The complete guide to link building

Social Signals

This is also one of the major ranking factors. As you know, social media can drive the huge amount of traffic, It also helps to rank higher on the google.

“More social signals means higher visibility of your website/blog on social media networks”

Share and promote your article on popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Other Factors

There are some other factors too, which are considered as ranking factors.


The site age plays an important role in the ranking. Some old sites are rank without any On Page SEO (they have literally thin content) and Off Page SEO. How can be

Hows that possible? The answer is, It’s an old site.

Edu and Gov Sites

Obviously, google does trust on .edu and .gov sites. So if these sites have any well optimized and informative guide then it will rank.

Now here, what’s for us?

You can link out to any .edu or .gov site for related resource or article. This way the trust level of your content will increase and the chances of ranking too.


The authority of site or blog matters a lot in google ranking. Some authority sites like Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Forbes are rank on page one for a new article.

Hows that possible?

It is possible because they have an authority. Google trust on the authority site. So, you should always try to build an authority for your blog.

Check it out this ahref’s study: How long does it take to rank in Google?


You can rank on Google with using any of above factors.

There are so many sites which are ranking with the help of only one factor of above.

So, think- If you do the all things for your single article, you’ll rank for sure. No one can beat you. You’ll definitely get higher ranking for the particular keyword.

Finally, Here is the summary of Google ranking guide.

  • Do proper keyword research
  • Optimize your content (On Page SEO)
  • Build Backlinks (Off Page SEO)
  • Give social signal on it (Share more and more)
  • If your site have little authority and age then it would be plus point for you to rank higher

Now your turn! 🙂

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