5 Invincible Rules of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a passing fad for some marketers that, of course, adds fuel to their business. Contrariwise, for the others, it’s just a plain buzzword with no practical profit!

If you fall under the latter category, you need to reconsider your idea. Because here is some data that paints the right picture – in 2014, 92% of digital marketers were reported to be using social media marketing to boost their business, and 80% of them admitted that it helped them boost their organic traffic.

The ball is still in the court of social media marketing as it has many accepted advantages for any business. If you still haven’t tried your luck with social media marketing and want to give it a shot, you can launch your social media marketing campaigns yourself or can hire the best social media marketing company for the same.

However, to achieve success in this area of marketing, there is something you must know. Here are 5 invincible rules that you must follow for the success of your social media marketing strategy.

Rule 1: Social Listening

Social listening is a smart strategy to keep your ears (eyes, actually) open to the digital conversations. Better social listening can help you take the right decision. In order to set your social media marketing campaigns in the right direction, you need to listen to what your audience has to say, what they demand, and what opinions they have for your competitors.

There is a staggering amount of online conversations going on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

These conversations have such a huge amount of information for your business that is beyond wonder. With such a flow of information, you can draw marketing strategies that are umpteenth times better than your previous ones and from that of your competitors.

The smart social listening tools, participation in open forums, discussions, social cues, etc. can help you be much better at social listening. And you can thus, win in the world of social media!

If you need expert advice for your social media campaigns, you can avail the assistance of a social media marketing company.

Rule 2: Analysis

In the world of digital marketing, no strategy stands a chance of success if it’s not evaluated.

You cannot just launch a social media marketing campaign and consider your work done. In fact, the real work starts from there!

How would you know that your social media posts are getting a good or bad response?

How would you know what percentage of your audience reached you and stayed with your content?

How would you know who shared your content and where?

The answer is – analyzing!

Technology doesn’t let you bother much, and that’s why there are some great analytics tools available on the web like the Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, etc.

If you hire the best social media marketing company, you can get an expert advice on these tools. With the help of these tools, you get the easy insights of how your content performed in the social media market.

Also, if you use a social media platform like Facebook, to launch an ad, you get some great insights along with your ad. The data is greatly insightful, and it helps you know how exactly your campaign is performing. Such data is very easy to analyze so that you can learn from your mistakes, take note of your good points, and cover up the loopholes in your next campaign.

Remember– in the digital world, if you do not improve, your strategies will get stale, and you will gradually fade out!

Rule 3: Quality

As of now, you must have been focusing on increasing your followers. That’s a good call.

But think about it this way– is it better to have just 2000 followers who regularly check your content, read, comment, and share, or to have 20,000 followers who just connect and never come back?

It’s good to chase behind the quantity of people you can connect with! But in the end, all that matters is to get a response from these people.

If a less amount of people are responding wholly to your social media marketing campaign, then it’s enough. And even if it’s not enough, you can get insights about these people and look around for more such people.

That’s kind of your target audience, isn’t it?

One thing that you must know is that quality matters most than quantity!

Rule 4: Influencer Marketing


Another buzzword in the world of social media marketing is – influencers!

Who are these influencers, you ask?

An influencer is an individual or a group of people that can bring laurels to your social media marketing campaigns. Influencers happen to have your audience already, and instead of approaching your audience differently, you can just approach these influencers.

Your audience will automatically be approached! Sounds smooth? It indeed is! All you need to do is get on the radar of these influencers, and they will share your content! Your work is done!

If you want expert services in the area of influence marketing, you can work with a social media marketing company to get help.

Rule 5: Patience

The last one that is surely going to help you the most is the rule of patience!

Since the beginning of your efforts to frame a better social media marketing strategy, you need to make it a point that it’s not a miracle!

Social media market is an endless ocean, and in the beginning, you might just get lost in this ocean like a puny drop of water!

But success in this area cannot be achieved overnight. You need to keep on making efforts in the right direction. Just know that you’ll win! But you need to be a lot more patient and consistent.

So, that is all about the 5 golden rules of success in social media marketing! The whole world is doing it, but if you do it with these 5 rules, your success is sure shot!

If you think that there is already a lot on your plate, you can simply assign the task of your social media marketing to the best social media marketing company and leave the work to the experts!

About Author: This is a guest contribution from Soumyajit Chakraborty. He is the CEO at SoftProdigy and has been excelling in the IT sector for more than a decade now. He loves to share his expertise through blogging.

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