These 10 SEO Mistakes can Kill your Blog, So Avoid It [Infographic]

This article is all about SEO Mistakes Which you should Avoid.

Many bloggers are doing SEO and create the strategy for it. But, they forgot about some SEO mistakes which they should avoid. In this article,

In this article, I placed one infographic of 10 SEO mistakes to avoid. If you do not avoid these mistakes, your blog can die. So it’s the wise idea to know these mistakes and avoid it.


Mistake 1: Keyword Stuffing

Mistake 2: Broken Links on the blog

Mistake 3:  Copying the content

Mistake 4: Producing Duplicate Content

Mistake 5: Producing Poor Quality Content

Mistake 6: Not making convincing title

Mistake 7: Not adding meta description

Mistake 8: Linking to non-creditable links

Mistake 9: Not using Analytics

Mistake 10: Optimising wrong keywords

Let’s see the infographic. It’s created by Fertilefrog.



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