Setup Custom Domain to Blogger Blog in Just 4 Steps – Ultimate Guide With Images

Blogger is the great platform to start a blog. Blogger platform gives default domain name as a subdomain of (

You can also add your custom domain name to your blog in blogger platform. There are many advantages of adding a custom domain to blogger blog.

  • Increases search engine ranking.
  • Getting High Domain Authority
  • Increase trust level of readers.
  • Traffic Increment.
  • Good Alexa rank.

How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger?

How To Setup-min

Here are Four easy steps for completing this process. So, just follow this guide!

#1: Purchase a Domain name

[Note: If you have already purchased Domain name then simply skip this step]

You need to buy one domain name for your blogger blog. So, buy one from good domain registrars. Here is a list of a good Domain registrars.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. NameCheap
  3. 1&1

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#2: Enter New Domain to Blogger blog

Now, Enter your domain name to blogger blog. For that, simply log in to your blogger account and go to,

Settings >> Basic >> and look for Publishing section.

Now click on a link – Set up a third-party URL for your blog. (see below screenshots)

add custom domain option

Enter domain name which you want to add on the blog.

add domain to blogger

After adding the custom domain name, you’ll get an error with showing two CNAMEs. You need to add this CNAMEs to your domain name’s DNS manager.

So, just copy it for next step. (See below screenshot)

CNAME of blogger

#3: Change DNS for pointing blog to Domain

Now, change your DNS settings for pointing blogger blog to the custom domain. Just login to domain registrar website and find Manage DNS section.

First of all, add CMANEs which you got from Step 2. For doing that, Click on Add button in CNAMEs section and add two entries which you have got earlier. (See below screenshot)


After that, enter A records to your domain name. For doing that, simply go to A (Host) section of DNS Manager and enter this four IP addresses. The hostname will be @ for all IP’s. Enter below IP addresses.

add A records

After adding CNAMEs and A records, simply save it and be patient till DNS got completely active. You have to wait for 5-10 minutes, but in some cases, you need to wait for 1-2 hours too!

#4: Finally, Save custom domain to Blogger blog

Login to your blogger account and once again go to,

Settings >> Basic

Now, look for publishing section to do finalization of your new custom domain and Save it.

done blogger domain[Note: If you are not able to save custom domain after editing DNS then be patient for some hours and try to save again because it takes some time to update DNS]

That’s it!

Now you can see your blogger blog is running with a custom domain.

Here you can see Before and After screenshots of Blogger blog!


blogspot domain on blog


custom domain on blog

Hope you liked it. Do share this post with your friends on social, and feel free to ask any question or query via comments.

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