7 Social Media Networks which Every Blogger Should Use

Social Media and Social Networking is playing an important role in people’s lives across the globe. In order to put your opinion or to raise your point, people need a platform. Social media sites do this by giving opportunities to its user to express their views in public or in the selected quorum.

There are several sites and apps which allow users to do that, also with various features. A user can follow, read, post and allow other people to follow themselves, this will not only give him/her chance to put forward their words but also know the surrounding situation and trends which are going on. Some of this site and app are as follows which every people should use.

Every blogger should use these social media platforms to connect with their readers.

Best Social Media Networking Sites


As you expected, a very first social media site which everyone should use is the Facebook.

Facebook is social media site started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. He started this site with the help of his class mates and roommates. It was meant only for the Harvard University, but later got expanded and in 2006, anyone above age 13 was able to register for this site.

This website can be accessed from a various range of devices, therefore making it very easy and comfortable to use. There is basic information of every individual who has registered and helps in finding a person which are known to each other.

A registered member can add his friends, family, work colleagues as a friend in his account which allows them to chat and exchange media over the internet.

Facebook is quite popular around the globe. It allows its user to post images, quotes, thoughts and many other things which are visible to other people (user’s friends).  It also creates a timeline of user’s feed, what he/she had done from past years.

Facebook is used by millions of people, so it is easy to be in contact with everyone you know around the globe.


It is a platform to express your thoughts in word and tell everyone who follows you on twitter about it. It consists of short tweets which allow a user to put their thoughts in brief also allows to broadcast it on the twitter community. Unregistered members can only read the tweets, but a registered member can read as well as write.

It can be accessed from a various range of devices.

Many celebrities use this platform to give their opinion and also many follows news channel to be up-to-date. Many leaders also use this to express their thoughts. The user can find many interesting topics for them. By this it becomes easy to blend in the ongoing trend or react on it, also can give personal opinions.


Instagram is primarily meant for posting photos, but with that, an individual can also write a caption describing the picture which they had posted with the location as well. It can be used as to convey thought using an image.

In this app, user has to follow their interest area. Also, it allows other people to follow you so they can go through your feeds. It also allows to exchange message and to put up a temporary story which automatically gets erased after 24 hours (in case you just want to share a brief moment on it). It also works as a photo gallery of the user, because it saves your photos on the web and creates a timeline of it.

The Instagram app can be easily downloaded from various stores and for different platform devices.


If anyone wants to be a business professional or are searching for a good career option, this app is the correct place for them.

In this app, members have to add a connection that means adding people which work in the interested area or company. Also, there are several company pages which can be added as a connection. The feeds which are posted are seen by your connected members. Similarly if your connected member’s posts or messages you, it will be easy to convey your message to them.

Write about self and build a personal brand and make it strong as your resume. Stay in contact or any update from a company which is popular.

Searching jobs using LinkedIn resume make it easy for applying any jobs available. Also many job opportunities are advertised on LinkedIn.

Google Plus

It allows its user to make friends circle by which it becomes easier to communicate with other fellow mates. It also features to make a smaller and selected member circle to share something in it. One can share anything on it and also can be used as chatting, calling and video calling using Hangout. The only requirement is to have a Gmail account which can be easily made. Once it is activated Google+ option can be enabled. It syncs with devices and also backs up important data. The user can search interesting topics, images, news and other feed on Google+. User can create their photo album


Pinterest allows the user to post their feed on their wall or others, which is known as pins on Pinterest. The system is to follow the interest area or can follow other feeds also to develop interest. It allows to share someone’s interest with others, also viewing others boards and pins makes the app more fun.

The app is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The user can take several ideas from the app. Also, it can be saved for later, and it is easy to find them. Therefore, it makes many things easy to plan like if someone wants to plan a trip, they can collaborate with other friends or solo and can take ideas from Pinterest’s pins and plan accordingly.


Snapchat allows a user to send media files to their other contacts and the special thing about Snapchat is that the media sent to anyone gets automatically erased after a short time. Users can put up there feeds using the story feature which also gets erased after some time. The app explicitly got popular to share instant pictures. One can post their current status or situation in which they to their other friends instantly.


So, these are the worlds most popular social media sites which you can use to build your connection and network with people. You can use all of these social networking sites your personal use or for business. Bloggers should use all these social sites to stay connected with their audience.

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