How to Start A Blog [Ultimate Guide]

Hello, Friends!

As you know starting a blog in right way is the very crucial step. Because wrong way will never bring success for you.

This guide is all about “Start a blog, perfectly and the right way.”

Mindset/Introduction (Successful bloggers Mindset)

As a professional blogger, I must say- “You must know all the basics about whatever you do.”


Your strong foundation will definitely bring the big success.

You know…If you have a solid foundation, then there is no upper limit of growth. Because, without a solid foundation, no one can reach the level of perfection.


Let’s see most essential basics (Quickly)

What is a blog:

A Blog is a webpage or website which regularly updates. Any individual or team run it.

This online field is called blogging, and owners/writers are called bloggers.

WHY you should create a blog?

  • Blogging is Easy and Effective way to share the knowledge
  • Improves your creativity (in thinking, planning, listening, learning, multitasking, and more)
  • You can do it from Anywhere as well as Anytime
  • It helps to be a man with “LEARNING ATTITUDE” (which is the most important success factor)
  • Get published on the web
  • It is helpful for others
  • You can earn money (So many bloggers making $XX, XXX (Five Figure) in a single month with single blog)
  • Develops your business mind
  • It helps to be successful in your other businesses as well
  • And much more…

Important things to follow in the beginning:

So many guys doing this silly mistake, once they build a blog.

They’re doing that silly mistake and saying…

“I started a blog, but my blog is not making money.”

Let me say to them,

You are not making money because you’re focusing on money rather than building a helpful blog for your targeted audience.

Just let me know,

How many guys are making money when they’re studying in college? You’re giving your 3-4 years to learn and experience the things/your field, and after then you’re making money (by doing job or business)


So why you’re not understanding that thing here?

The bottom line is…

Give first 6 months to your blog completely without thinking about earning money. That’s it.

Also, make sure you’re learning a lot during this period. In this time span, you can learn Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Strategies, Promotion strategies and a lot more which is very crucial for taking your blog to the next level. So, bring learning attitude in yourself.

Learning Attitude is the Key of Success

How to Create a Blog

This whole guide is about “How to Start a Blog.”

So, read this step by step guide from the start.

Let’s begin!

start a blog - create a blog

Step 1: Choose your niche/What to blog about

Selecting a niche is the very very important step in blogging because some newbies start blogging with very competitive field and they fail badly.

So, don’t be a fool!

Ask yourself…

What to blog about?

Which topic/field I love the most or passionate about?

I strongly recommend you to be patient(take a time to find it) and choose a niche which is interesting for you + have a less competition.

For example,

This blog’s niche is: blogging

Step 2: Choose your Blog name and Domain name

Your blog name should be brandable in your niche. Always go for TLD(top-level domains) like .com, net, .org

You’ll get free domain name with hosting.

Go to Bluehost and grab any hosting plan to get a free domain.

Visit: Bluehost

Step 3: Choose your Web Hosting

There are thousands of web hosting service providers in the world. But you should always go for best one. And, the most interesting thing is it’s available for affordable prices.

I strongly recommend Bluehost.

Bluehost is…

Visit: Bluehost

Step 4: Choose your CMS (Content Management System)

There is so many CMS on the web like WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, Magneto, Ghost, and more. But, most popular CMS’s in the world are WordPress and Blogger. There

There are big big debates on which one is better. WordPress vs. Blogger

I will suggest (highly recommend) you to use WordPress. So now, we selected WordPress as a CMS.

Step 5: Setup your Blog

This is the main step of the whole guide.

Connect your domain name with hosting

If you’re using same domain registrar as hosting, then you don’t need to update name servers.

But, if you’re using domain from another registrar then you need to add domain to the hosting. For doing that,

#1: Open your domain registration account

#2: Go to Name Servers

#3: Add or Update your hosting provider’s nameserver

Install WordPress

You can install WordPress many ways like Manually, One Click Installation, Installation Command, etc. BUT the easiest and secure way is One-Click Installation.

Every hosting provider offers this feature.

So, for doing that,

#1: Head over the cPanel or Dashboard of hosting

Open your dashboard of hosting (This is Bluehost cPanel)

#2: Choose WordPress to install

We’re going to install WordPress, so select it from website section

You can see the following page. Just click on “Install.”

#3: Fill your primary details (make sure to securely save it with you)

Now, You’ll be moved to details section. This is very crucial part of the installation.

Fill the all the details which are required like, Site name, Username, Password, etc.

Once you feel all the details, click on “Install Now” button.

Congratulations…Your blog is ready now.

[Note: Remember or Note down all these credentials]

#4: Login to your WordPress dashboard

Your WordPress has been successfully installed. Now, Login and open the dashboard of your blog []

Design your blog

As you know: Design is the most important factor in blogging.

Nowadays Google pays more attention to the user interface. So it’s the wisest choice to make your blog neat, clean and professional.

You need to use and install the best theme to make your blog design awesome. There are tons of free and paid themes.

I recommend you to buy SocialMe Theme. (It is Faster, SEO Friendly, and Professional theme)

If you’re on a tight budget, you can go with free themes. But make sure to choose good free themes otherwise heavy and bad coded themes can affect negatively.

I Recommend you to use: Whimag Free Theme

Step 6: Configure your blog and make it The Perfect

Install useful Plugins

Plugins are the biggest feature and advantage of WordPress.

Install following plugins to make your blog SEO friendly as well as effective.

  • Yoast SEO
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Akismet
  • Broken Link Checker
  • SEO Friendly Images
  • JetPack
  • BackUpWordPress


Permalink is the URL structure of your blog posts. You should make it SEO friendly (It’s not SEO friendly by default) So, for doing that,

Go to

Settings > Permalink > Set as a Post name

Remove default Posts and Pages

You can see sample post and page on your WordPress dashboard. Just Delete it.

Step 7: Start blogging

Now, you have a blog, and you can manage it through WordPress dashboard.

Next step is,

Write a blog post (simple :-))

Write a good headline, good permalink, good content and hit the publish button.

How will you make your blog successful?

Launching a blog is the first level. Now, you have to take your blog to next level and make it successful.

Here is the Ultimate Blogging KIT (worth $127) which I’m giving you for FREE. I build this KIT especially for bloggers who started their new blog as well as struggling to make their blog successful.

Download Now: Ultimate Blogging KIT

After launching your blog, read this guide: How to Improve Your Blog and Take it to Next Level

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