8 Good Reasons to Start a Blog While You’re Still in College

More and more college students and college-aged people are looking to blogging as a means of both diversion and making money. Regardless of your goal with blogging, the information in this article is designed to both motivate and inspire.

For those who have thought about blogging but haven’t started, we hope we can give you the final push in that direction and help you get started. For those with already established blogs, what follows could help motivate and equip you to be a little more consistent with them. Why start or maintain a blog while in college? Here are eight great reasons:

#1: It Builds Self-Discipline

Doing anything well requires a significant degree of self-discipline. Anyone serious about getting their blog off the ground has to have a robust content development and publication strategy and stick with it. The goal of an excellent blog is to keep readers coming back for more. As it grows in popularity, so does the demand for more frequent content.

Once your blog reaches a level of popularity that makes it difficult to maintain on your own, it’s time to call in the pros. Writing services like EssayPro can help ensure consistency. Just set them the task to, “write my essay” and their expert writers will get right on the assignment. Academic writers are some of the best choices for developing blog content since the writing style of a blog post closely mirrors that of an essay.

#2: It Improves Writing Skills

If a lack of writing skill is a prohibitive factor for starting a blog, it really shouldn’t stop you. No one is a good writer on his or her first assignment. It takes time to develop those skills and, as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” Just keep writing. Utilize online helps like Grammarly, Hemingway, and the EssayPro blog to learn and develop the skills necessary to succeed.

#3: You’ll Get Your Papers Done Faster

Bloggers also tend to complete written collegiate assignments faster than average. They develop sharper research skills and have an easier time getting their thoughts out on paper with less effort. All of that leads to mental processes that more easily follow through with the development of academic and other non-fiction topics.

#4: You’ll Meet People Who Share Your Interests and Perspectives

One of the significant perks of developing a successful blog is developing a following. It creates the opportunity to meet and get to know like-minded people via social media and other avenues. There is much inspiration to be gained by merely talking and socializing with large numbers of people. You’ll get to know your audience well enough also to know what kinds of topics to cover in your blog.

#5: It Helps Build “Street Cred”

The more popular a blog gets, the more the author is looked upon as an influencer or thought leader. Influencer content gets shared around, which also extends the blogger’s reach without too much extra effort (or paying for ads). Deliver verifiably good content with attention to accuracy and quality, and deliver it when the audience expects it. This is a recipe for becoming the next influencer in your niche.

#6: You’ll Learn Stuff

A huge part of blogging is research. Getting good at doing responsible, verifiable research will also help build influencer credibility. The unexpected benefit of this is that bloggers who are committed to research learn lots of things they never would in a classroom. Blogging increases understanding and broadens perspectives on a wide array of subjects just by focusing on producing good content around one.

#7: You’ll Become a Little More Tech Literate

Learning how to tag and format blog pages is another marketable skill. Best of all, it’s one that bloggers typically develop entirely by accident. Learning just enough HTML or CSS to be dangerous can help improve the look and experience of your blog and increase SEO.

#8: There’s a Real Future in Blogging

Most people are going to need some side hustle to pay off debt and stay ahead of the bills. A single income is almost never adequate to cover even one person’s responsibilities. Blogging, when done right, can be part of a viable solution for becoming and staying debt-free.

Developing the skills necessary to be a successful blogger can help students on many levels. Whether the goal is to get better at academic writing, meet and engage with new people, or make money, blogging provides the means. We encourage you to explore the benefits of getting the start on or keeping up with your blog starting today.  

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