7 Essentials Tactics to Create a Successful Blog in 2018

Having a successful blog can be beneficial in many different ways. It’s a marketing tool that shows that you are an authority in your niche, it has many SEO perks, and it’s a way to engage with your followers on social media. Perhaps the most important function of a successful blog is providing visitors with value and information on a certain topic.

Creating a successful blog is not something that happens accidentally, however. You have to adhere to certain principles and engage in certain activities. Today we will be taking a look at 7 modern tactics to create a successful blog this year.

Tactics to Create Successful Blog

Create Compelling Content

High-quality content that is engaging and informative forms the basis of your success as a blogger. An article that lacks quality and that is stuffed with keywords won’t capture reader’s attention. Chances are that they will skim over the text and leave. They won’t share the post on social media and they won’t remember your blog.

An article that is well-researched and expertly written, on the other hand, will keep your visitors engaged, your bounce rate low, and help to get you a favorable placement on search engine results pages.

Appropriate Use of Keywords

Do keyword research to find one primary keyword and multiple secondary keywords. Use these keywords in the text of your articles if they can appear naturally. Keywords that are forced into the text defeats the purpose. Google prefers content that is relative and valuable. Text that is irrelevant to the targeted keywords can actually lower your search ranking. The same goes for text that doesn’t make sense because it just consists of a bunch of keywords.

Build Links

Links to your blog on other high-ranking websites is key to establish traffic to your site. Google’s algorithm increases the search ranks of sites that have backlinks on sites with high PageRank. Getting links to your blog on other websites may require you to network with other bloggers and build relationships with them. Guest blogging and custom link outreach will boost your traffic and is, therefore, a solid tactic to create a successful blog.

Use Social Media

Social media can be a source of traffic, but in order to create a successful blog, you should rather see social media as a platform for follower engagement. By being active on your different social platforms, you will be able to find out exactly what your visitors think of your content and what they expect. Facebook and Twitter are also excellent for adding a personal touch to your blog. Remember to add big and colorful social share buttons near your blog posts so that visitors will be more inclined to share with their followers.

Build a Funnel

Marketing funnels are great for introducing people to your target audience to your blog. Paid ads, landing pages, and lead magnets can establish loyalty and make people aware of the value that they can get by regularly visiting your blog. A funnel is especially helpful if you use a blog to market products or services form your site.

Build an Email List

A welcome mat on your homepage or landing page that incentivizes people to subscribe to a newsletter can help you capture visitors’ emails. This is incredibly valuable for personal contact and visitor retention. You can email people links to special blog posts or offers and you can use emails to get them to interact with you or give you feedback. Many bloggers underestimate the value of an email list. With all the tools you have available, building an email list will require very little input from you.


Your blogs layout and design should be visually appealing and simple. Use tools like Canva to create elements that match the theme of your blog and make sure that your on-site navigation is simple and clear. Also, you can use Designhill Logo maker to create stunning logo designs for your brand to give a personalized touch to your blog post images. This will ensure that your visitors stay longer on your site.

Hope you enjoyed this article and learned something useful. Feel free to ask any question, query or suggestion via the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article on your social networks.

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