Top 3 Local Servers for Offline Work (localhost)

What is Local Server?

Local Server means a server which is locally installed on your computer and works like real/live/online server. Most interesting thing about that is there is no need to have Internet Connection. Especially it is made for offline works or script experiments.

Why do you need to use Local Server?

Local Servers widely used for PHP and MySQL development projects. So, if you are looking for developing or working with PHP, then these local servers may help you. It works like a real server on your computer, so you don’t need to buy any real server by spending some $$$.

Use of Local Server is good for doing experiments, testing scripts as well as learning.

Here are top 3 Local Servers which you can use.

top 3 local servers- localhosts

#1 – XAMPP   

XAMPP Local Server


#2 – Wamp

Wamp Local Server


#3 – MAMP

WAMPP Local Server


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Let me know which local server you are using and which one is best according to you. Also, feel free to ask any question or suggestion via comments!

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