View2be: The Best Place for Getting YouTube Views

Do you want more views on your youtube video?

If Yes, we have got a great service for you. You can get thousands of views on your youtube videos within just a few days using this service.

How awesome is that!

Are you excited to know more about that service?

Here you go…

The name of that service is – View2be

You can buy youtube views through view2be.

You might be thinking –

Why should we buy video views?

What are the benefits of having more views?

Here are the answers –

Having more video views on youtube can help you to,

  • Drive more organic views from YouTube
  • Get higher ranking on YouTube searches (YouTube SEO)
  • Get more subscribers
  • Become an authority channel
  • Make more money
  • More attention and recognization

Hope you understood now. Having more views helps a lot in all the aspects.


Let’s know in detail about View2be.

What is View2be

View2be is a service based website which helps YouTuber’s to get more video views on their youtube videos. You can use their service and get views quickly.

This service is built for those who’re looking for faster growth of their youtube channel.

You just need to pick a plan, complete the checkout process, and give your channel link. That’s it.

Benefits of View2be

You might be thinking,

Why should I Use View2be?

What are the benefits of using view2be?

So, here are the answers –

View2be offers,

  • High-Quality Video Views to Users
  • Genuine Looking View Frequency (1000 to 50000 per day)
  • Faster Service Delivery (Starts within few hours)
  • More views than ordered
  • Split Views Across Multiple Videos

If you’re looking for buying youtube video views, you should definitely go for View2be. They offer high-quality service at a reasonable price.

Plans and Pricing

View2be has nine plans which start from 15$ and goes up to 2200$. Basically, prices increase with the views but if you pick the big package you’ll be in benefit.

For example,

If you pick 30$ package, you’ll get 5000 views


If you pick 45$ package, you’ll get 10000 views.

That means, you’re getting another 5000 views for just 15$ (as compared to 30$ plan)

Now, let’s check all the plans of view2be.

1000 YouTube Views – $15

5000 YouTube Views – $30

10000 YouTube Views – $45

25000 YouTube Views – $80

50000 YouTube Views – $160

100000 YouTube Views – $300

250000 YouTube Views – $700

500000 YouTube Views – $1200

1 Million Views – $2200


Free Video Views

You can also get free youtube views through view2be.

How great is that! Isn’t it?

Now, you might be thinking – HOW?

Earn coins by completing some tasks and spend them to get free YouTube Views. To earn coins, watch videos with their automated systems, Like other videos, or complete offers for huge amounts of coins. If you refer friends and family, you’ll get 500 instant coins.

You just need to signup for view2be account and join their network.

How to Use View2be

Here is the step by step guides which will help you to understand the complete process of using this service.

STEP-1: Visit the official website of View2be

Head over to the view2be’s official website through your web browser.

STEP-2: Go to Video Views Services Page

After that, go to their premium services section.

STEP-3: Pick a Plan and Checkout

Pick one plan which fits for your channel as well as your need and complete the checkout process.

Provide the Billing Details

Provide your Channel Info

Pay the service Cost


View2be is one of the best services for buying video views. There are lots of services for you to choose but we recommend you to use view2be as they’re providing high-quality views at an affordable price.

Moreover that, they really care about their users so they make sure to provide their service in a realistic way so you won’t face any problem from youtube.

View2be is the safest way to buy youtube video views.

So, if you’re looking for more views on your youtube videos, simply go for view2be.

Visit View2be Now

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