Top 10 VPN Providers in The World (2018)

In this era of the digital world, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best way to hide your digital identity and it helps to be anonymous throughout the web. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you have used different VPNs till now.

Well, there are a lot of VPN service providers on the internet and all have their different specialties. Sometimes choosing the best VPN service provider is a tough task and you might be confused.

Let’s make this more simple for you. In this article, I would be sorting out the best VPN service providers on the internet. I have used a lot of them for my work purpose and according to those experiences, I’ll give the numbers.
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I’ve collected the best and most popular VPN service providers that are used by the majority of people around the world. Let’s not waste any more time in the introduction and move on to the Top 10 VPN Service Providers list.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a high speed, ultra secure, and easy to use VPN service.

It is the most popular and VPN service provider and hence I have placed it at no.1. They have some amazingly fast servers in more than 148+ different locations. So, You have a lot of options to choose and change your IP accordingly.

Moreover that, they are providing 24/7 customer service with a support ticket and live chat. What you need more?

It allows up to 3 devices per account to connect at a time. Their base plans start at just $ 6.67/month if you buy for a year.

ExpressVPN is the most popular and worlds no.1 VPN provider.

2. NordVPN

Nord VPN is one of the fastest & powerful VPN solutions that are even used by most of the top corporates. They are located in Central America and gave you an option to connect with 5000+ Servers from 55+ different locations. They are available for both desktop and mobile and supports up to 6 devices at once.

3. IPVanish

If you are that torrent guy that uses VPN for torrent purpose then IPVanish can be the best option for you. IPVanish is known for its quality of service in P2P & Torrenting. Most of the people use torrent for downloading and uploading files and VPN can help you a lot in accessing those torrent links. They also provide high-speed downloads.

4. CyberGhost

It is one of the most popular VPN service providers. I have used them since 2014 and they are amazing. With more than 3000+ servers in 60+ different locations, CyberGhost can help you maintain your anonymity on the web. They even cover Microsoft & Apple’s operating system along with Android.

5. PrivateVPN

It is also one of the fastest growing VPN worldwide that provides 1 click set-up for every operating system. You can choose from 59 PrivateVPN locations which are still growing. They are also user-centric VPN provider which focuses on customer service. With their 30 days, money back guarantees, They provide the user a trust factor.

6. HideMyAss

HideMyAss is known to be one of the pioneers of a VPN service provider. They are into the stream from a long time now and have excellent service. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their service you can get a full no question refund. I personally use HideMyAss in my mobile and desktop and recommend others to give it a try. Their plans start at $ 11.99/month.

7. Hotspot Shield

They are one of the most affordable VPN service providers if you’re just using VPN for browsing purpose. It will maintain your anonymity with their advanced IP tunneling systems. With over 2500+ servers, You will never face connectivity issues while browsing the Internet. They allow up to 5 devices to connect at a time.

8. Tunnelbear

It is also a great and easy to use VPN service provider. It also comes up with their free version that can allow you to try their VPN service with their limitations. They also have a strict privacy policy and allows up to 5 devices from a single account.

9. WindScribe

If you own a business or an agency which have a lot of devices then WindScribe will be the perfect choice for you. It allows an unlimited connection that too at an affordable rate. Their plans start from $ 4.50/month for unlimited devices.

It also has a free plan that allows you to use 10GB of data for a month at a single device. You can try it for free.

10. Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN will be great for those who need a strong security over their connections. It is one of those VPN service providers that are known for their strong security. It will maintain your anonymity more strongly with their advanced security filters. They provide high performance at competitive rates. Their plan starts at $ 9.95 for a month.


Virtual Private Networks are a great way to protect and hide your digital presence. With Digitization, users are also more prone to cyber attacks and data breaches. Using a VPN can help you in building a level of security over the connections.

VPN’s will not only provide anonymity but also speed. You can use VPN for getting high-speed surfing and downloading. Geo-based servers will also allow you to access digital content which is open for a particular geographical area. I personally use VPN for my works and also recommend others.

Now, You don’t need to scratch your head on choosing a perfect VPN provider. Choose from the above list as per your requirement. Some of the above VPN also provides a free version to try and check out their service.

Hope you enjoyed this article. If so, don’t forget to share on your social networks.

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