5 Reasons: VPS is better than Shared Web Hosting

When you are hosting a new website for your business you might have faced the classic dilemma of choosing the right server for the same. You don’t have a lot of files but you also don’t want to purchase a limited amount of resources. You may want a limited amount of resources but you don’t want to compromise on performance. In such scenarios, we suggest you to think backward. Because it is only going to throw light on what your web hosting needs really are and why.

If you are looking to buy a web hosting service which is secure, has sold perform well and also gives you enough resources without depending on others, VPS hosting is your deal. VPS provides you root access which allows you to edit all files on your server. It also helps you to install or uninstall any program on your server. If you have been told that shared is better than VPS, take a step back and revisit these pointers before you press the buy button:

#1: VPS doesn’t crash when someone else does.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is more like a small home that you buy for yourself. You are independent and the resources are enough for you. Which is why your website will have always have enough to take care of its running.

On the other hand, a shared server is like living with many other people with limited amount of resources. You may be paying less amount to get that space but there is no guarantee that you will have enough of those resources. Moreover, if the other websites on your shared web hosting face any issues, you are bound to suffer the same consequence at no fault of yours. We are sure you don’t want to risk this. VPS will not behave in this way. Comfortable space, comfortable resources, and excellent performance.

#2: VPS maintains a healthy up-time for your website

Now, since the resources are enough, your website is running well. To throw some light on this statement, your website’s performance improves since these resources in the form of tools allow your website to perform tasks without any difficulty even if there is huge unexpected traffic on a particular day. In comparison to a shared hosting which will fluctuate its performance since it has limited resources, VPS gives you a better mileage. This also allows you to add more options and plugins to your website according to business cycles when you are expecting more traffic.

#3: VPS doesn’t compromise on scale or security

As your business grows, there may be instances when you feel that you need to have a web hosting service that expands at your growth rate. VPS does not compromise when you have ambitions with your business. Moreover, since it is independent and resourceful it does not face security concerns like shared hosting, where the chances of data spillover are more.

For any website which has about 40,000 monthly visitors, VPS definitely is safer with zero probability of security issues.

#4: VPS provides admin options at a reasonable price

The reason we say the price is reasonable (which starts from USD 3.99) is because of the number of resources it gives within that price range. Now compare this with shared web hosting which charges you anywhere around the same price as VPS but restricts resources like space and providing scale.

In a nutshell, VPS is a balanced service and at the same time, simple too.

#5: VPS gives you complete control over your server

As a business, you will always be in a position to decide what has to be done with your website at any point in time. Let’s say you have a new year campaign where you are giving a discount to your customers and incidentally the users on your website are plenty during that season. In such a case, you need to have more control over the website.

To make this possible, you can configure the settings of your server according to your needs. The only catch is that you will need someone to maneuver this. In case of shared web hosting, you do not have this kind of an admin control. In this comparison, shared hosting may seem like an easier option but VPS definitely gives you more control.

Final takeaways

As a business one should always have growth on its horizon and try to do away with restrictive requirements. They don’t work out in perpetuity. Understand that shared hosting also has some advantages over VPS like economical pricing, enhanced security options etc. But such advantages are maybe one or two. Not more. We suggest that even if you are starting off with a business, choose VPS over shared. Because it will definitely not stop you from thinking about scale right from the word go.

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