What is Domain Privacy Protection? How to use Privacy Protection? [Pros and Cons.]

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

Domain Privacy Protection is used for providing privacy to any domain name or keeps hidden your personal information such as such as Owners Name, Address, Phone number, Registered email address, etc. from Whois database.

It’s also called Private Registration.

Simply We can say,

Domain Privacy Protection used for keeping your private details safe such as Owners Name, Address, Phone number, email, etc.

domain privacy protection

privacy demo

Why should you use Privacy Protection?

You should use Privacy Protection to your domain name because it

  • Make your registration private, so your personal info will be out from human eyes

  • Hide your personal information from Whois directory

  • Provide protection against Domain related spams.

  • Provide Protection against Domain Hijacker.

  • Provide Protection against harassers and stalkers.

  • Hide your registered Email.

How to Purchase Domain Privacy Protection?

You need to purchase privacy protection policy from your registrar. Purchase privacy protection or protect your personal info task comes at domain registration process so, you can buy it with a domain. But, if you haven’t purchased privacy protection, you need to buy it separately from your domain registrar.

That’s it!

How to Use Domain  Privacy Protection?

After purchasing Domain Privacy Protection, just go to your domain registrar’s website and login with username and password. Now, Find your privacy protection section from your dashboard and just Enable it.

privacy enable


Already mentioned at above topic as “Why you need to use Privacy Protection?


It is not SEO Friendly

Money – need to purchase for around $8 to $15.

Locked Domain – you can’t transfer it to another registrar until you don’t disable it.

Little a bit complicated to provide Legal Declamation.

Causes disapprove in Adsense due to ownership declaration.

Final Conclusion

You can use privacy protection for any domain. Security is the primary concern for Domain Privacy Protection but, if you wish to run a blog or e-commerce site, then it will affect badly on Rank. For every blogger, higher rank of his blog in Google is a primary and biggest factor of success. Widely, well known and registered companies use privacy protection on their website.

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