WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com [Self Hosted vs FREE WordPress]

When any blogger start his/her journey of blogging, this question always arises in their mind:

Which one is best for my blog?

Self Hosted WordPress.org or Free WordPress.com?

These types of doubts will be gonna solve in this article.

So, let’s begin our topic WordPress.org Vs. WordPress.com

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

wordpress.org vs. wordpress.com

Here is the most important points which will help you to choose between WordPress.org and WordPress.com


  • WordPress.org: You Own your Blog/Site.

You are the only Owner of your blog or site if you use WordPress.org platform.

  • WordPress.com: WordPress will Own your Blog/Website.

Theme Support

  • WordPress.org: Full Support.

You can use any theme and customize it as you want. So, your blog can look profession.

  • WordPress.com: Limited Support.

You can choose some free themes but can not modify or customize it.


  • WordPress.org: Whatever you want.

You can customize your blog at all levels because you owns your blog.

You can modify and edit themes, use any plugin, create and apply your design and much more with full freedom.

  • WordPress.com: Limited.

You can NOT do customize whatever you want on your blog because of bounded limitation.


  • WordPress.org: All plugins allowed.

WordPress is known for its easy and flexible Plugins. You can use any plugin which you want to use for customization and advanced features.

  • WordPress.com: No Plugins allowed.

You are NOT able to use Plugins which is the biggest advantage of WordPress.

Regular Fee

  • WordPress.org: Expensive.

WordPress.org is also known as Self-Hosted WordPress. You need to spend some money on a domain name and Hosting services.(Don’t Worry! Because after doing this thing, you can make money within few months)

  • WordPress.com: FREE.

There is no need to buy a domain name(you’ll get free sub-domain like, yourname.wordpress.com) and hosting service too.


  • WordPress.org: Need to Do Maintenance.

You need to do maintenance yourself like updates, backups, optimization, etc.

  • WordPress.com: No Maintenance.

You do not have to worry about maintenance of blog because they take care of it like backups, updates, optimization, etc.


  • WordPress.org: Full Freedom to Monetize.

Every blogger’s dream is to make some money($$$$) using their blog monetization. WordPress.org gives full freedom to do that on your blog.

  • WordPress.com: Limited Monetization.

You can NOT monetization your blog unless you get 25000 visitors per month.

WordPress.org Pros

  • You own your blog/site.
  • You own your data(articles, images, etc.)
  • You have full control on blog/site.
  • It is FREE and very Easy to use
  • Fully customizable.
  • Use any plugin which you want.
  • You can Setup custom analytics (like a google analytics, yahoo, bing, etc.) for your blog.
  • Can use any theme which you like and modify it.
  • Your future is bright in blogging career.

WordPress.org Cons

  • You need to buy Hosting service for host your blog/website, and it is little expensive for beginners.(Hosting costs around $8 to $15 and as your blog grows, hosting investment will also increase, but until that time you can make some handsome money. so don’t think more about the cost.)
  • You are responsible for backups, but there are plenty of handy plugins for it.
  • You are responsible for SPAM attacks, but you can use Akismet plugin for securing your blog.

WordPress.com Pros

  • Ideal for newbies and learner for startup
  • It is FREE with 1GB space
  • Regular backup of your blog/site
  • You can get some extra traffic from WordPress

WordPress.com Cons

  • Need to spend $19.95 per year for getting 5GB space or $289.97 for 100GB space(Better to use Self-hosting with WordPress.org, instead of WordPress.com)
  • They can place Advertisement on your free blog/site. If you want to block their ads, then you need to pay $29.97 per year.
  • You are NOT allowed to put ads (monetize) on your blog/site unless you can get 25000 visitors per month. And if you sell ads then you need to share 50% revenue with them.
  • You can not use Plugins. And you know that very well WordPress is well known for their flexible plugins facility.
  • You can NOT use custom Themes on your blogs/sites.
  • WordPress.com can delete your blog anytime anywhere if they think your blog or site violets their terms and conditions.
  • You can NOT use custom analytics because you are not able to add custom codes.


WordPress.org is the Winner

WordPress.org is an excellent way to start blogging, and it has all the features whatever you need in your blogging journey.

WordPress.com is a good choice if you want to test,  play or just want to publish data on the web. But, if you are a serious blogger and want to make a popular blog then you should go for WordPress.org

Here is the complete guide to getting start with WordPress.org: Start a blog with WordPress.org

Hope you like this post.

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