WordPress vs. Blogger – Which one is the Best? [Pros and Cons]

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Ravijit here and this article is about choosing the best and reliable Content Management System for your blog.

Every new blogger has a little bit confusion about choosing their blogging platform or CMS (Content Management System) at starting phase of their blogging journey.

Some questions arise in mind while choosing CMS, like…

  1. Which is best CMS for me?
  2. Which CMS is easy to use?
  3. Which one is faster and stable?
  4. Which CMS has more customization to build a great blog?
  5. Which CMS can make my future bright?
  6. Which CMS requires less use of technical knowledge or special customization?
  7. Which CMS has more additional features and developments such as Plugins, Themes, etc.?
  8. What are the advantages of this CMS over another?
  9. Is this CMS better than another? Why? etc. etc.

So, what now?

Nowadays WordPress and Blogger are the most popular CMS’s in the world of blogging. So, which one would be good for you?

So, which one would be good for you?

WordPress or Blogger?

Here is the complete guide about that. So, let’s get started!

[NOTE: This CMS comparison is about WordPress.org (Self-hosted WordPress) vs. Blogger. You can get idea from following link about difference between WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com ]


wordpress vs. blogger which one in best

WordPress vs. Blogger


You need to buy a domain name and Hosting for your blog. You are the only owner of your blog if you choose WordPress as a CMS. You own your data of blog or site and have full control on your blog.

You are the only owner of your blog if you choose WordPress as a CMS. You own your data of blog or site and have full control on your blog.

You own your data of blog and have full control on your blog.

WordPress can give you awesome appearance because of its vast library of free/paid themes. It has a huge community, forums for support so you can get an easy and quick solution to any problem during development of the blog.

WordPress is known for its plugins feature which is awesome ever. Plugins have the power to do complex works in seconds without less or no technical knowledge. WordPress is the best CMS for you if you are a non-technical guy or don’t want to do programming kind of stuff.

As you know, the WordPress gives all control in your hand, so you need to provide security on your blog against hacks and spams yourself.


Blogger is FREE and reliable. If you want to start a blog with zero (0$) investment, then Blogger is a good choice.

It is easy to use and good for publishing your stuff on the web. However, Google owns your blog if you choose Blogger as a CMS. You can’t get full control on your blog. However, It is more secure because of google’s ownership.

Blogger has limited themes and plugins library so you can’t get the best customization for your advanced needs.

You can get more idea easily from following Pros and Cons.

WordPress Pros

  • WordPress is FREE.
  • You owns your blog and get full control on it.
  • You own your data, images, etc.
  • Great Themes (free/paid) for creating an awesome looking design.
  • Huge library of plugins.
  • It is flexible.
  • Easy to use (with less or no technical knowledge)
  • Great premium frameworks like Genesis, Thesis, etc.
  • You can do customization as you want.
  • More chances to make huge money from your blog.
  • Huge support community.
  • Future is bright if you choose WordPress.

WordPress Cons

  • You must need to buy Hosting service and Domain name.
  • Customization can be confusing for beginners, newbies, and non-technical guys. But still, it’s easiest one.
  • Your blog can be hacked if you do not provide good security for it.
  • You need to upgrade host service as your blog traffic increases.

Blogger Pros

  • Blogger/Blogspot is FREE.
  • Best choice for publishing your stuff on the web.
  • Easy to use for newbies and beginners.
  • Do not need to buy Hosting service (Google hosts it)
  • It’s Secure so your blog can not be hacked.
  • Great uptime of your blog.
  • Some nice templates for a blog.

Blogger Cons

  • You can’t do advanced customization for your blog.
  • Little community for support and developments on blogger.(So, you can’t find easy solutions to any problem/error)
  • No premium Frameworks are available.
  • Limited Templates and Plugins.
  • Limited advanced features like post editor, comments section, design, etc.
  • Google owns your blog as well as content.(So, Google has authority to use, publish, distribute and remove your content)
  • Your blog can block or remove if Google thinks your blog is violating their terms and conditions (as said earlier, you don’t own your blog!)
  • Fewer chances to make money with it (because there are many reasons like domain, hosting, ownership, privacy, etc.)


So, what you think guys? Which one is good? Which one fits best for your needs?

WordPress or Blogger?

In the end, I have to say the WordPress is a great choice ever against Blogger/Blogspot. ‘

Nowadays popularity of WordPress increases day by day because of its impressive features and future which described in this article.

Blogger is good for just publishing content on the web or beginning your blogging journey. But if you really want to make some serious money from your blog and want to make it popular, then go for WordPress

I’ve written a guide for you about “How to start a blog.

Read: How to start a blog with WordPress

I would like to say that WordPress would be great CMS for your blog instead of blogger. Go for WordPress. It will make your future bright in blogging field even you are a part time blogger. You’ll quickly earn money from your blog using WordPress.

Go for WordPress and Best of Luck!

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Also, Let me know what you think about choosing WordPress or Blogger as a CMS. Which one is the best for you?

Which one is the best for you?

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