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WP Engine is well known Managed WordPress Hosting provider in the industry. It provides cutting edge performance to the webmasters. Their price is slightly higher than other hosts, but they deserve it.

Here is a complete review of WP Engine.

So, Let’s get started!

WP Engine Review


Pricing & Plans

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WP Engine provides five types of plan.



(1) Personal

Personal plan offers…

  • 1 Install
  • 25k Visits/month
  • 10GB Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

Price of the personal plan is 29$/month. This plan is a perfect if you want to go for single blog or site. it can easily handle 25k visits monthly. So, if you want to migrate your blog from another host to getting good performance then this plan is for you. Get this plan with 33% OFF.

(2) Professional

Professional plan offers…

  • Up to 10 Installs
  • 100k Visits/month
  • 20GB Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

A Price of this plan is 99$/month. You can install up to 10 sites on this plan. This plan can handle around 100k monthly visits. If you want to host more than one site then this plan is for you. Get this plan with 33% Exclusive discount.

(3) Business

Business plan offers…

  • Up to 25 Installs
  • 400k Visits/month
  • 30GB Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

You can install up to 25 sites on this plan and it can handle around 400k monthly visits. If you’re looking for mutlisite hosting plan with heavy configuration then this plan is for you. generally it costs 299$/month but if you go through our link then, you’ll get 33% OFF.

(4) Premium

Premium plan offers…

  • Up to 150 Installs
  • 1 Million+ Visits/month
  • 100 to 300GB Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

Enterprice plan of WP Engine can supports up to 150 sites and it can handle more than 5 million monthly visits. it gives up to 300GB storage.

You’ve to talk with WP Engine team for discussing the price. Just contact them and tell your requirement. That’s it.

So, this plan is for you if you’re running big site or running so many sites with good traffic.

(5) Enterprise Grade

Enterprice Grade plan offers…

  • Up to 150 Installs
  • 5 Million+ Visits/month
  • 400 to 1TB Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

Enterprice Grade plan is the biggest plan of WP Engine. It supports up to 150 sites and 5 million monthly visits. Also, you’ll get up to 1TB storage.

This plan would be good if you are running huge site which is getting millions of traffic.

Here is one info graph which will give you clear idea about plans and pricing.




The performance of WP Engine is really amazing. Their price tags are higher, and according to that, the performance is acceptable.

We did some test here so that you can understand better about WP Engine performance.


Uptime of WP Engine is really great. They give almost 99.9% uptime all the time. Here is some screenshot of monthly uptime report.

wpengine-uptime-3 wpengine-uptime-2 wpengine-uptime-1

Speed Test

We did a speed test of sites which are hosted on WP Engine. So, here are the results.


You can see here; this site is loading within just 917ms (0.9 seconds). That’s really amazing. 🙂

Now, this is WP Engine’s website test. And it’s loading within 2.87 seconds. That’s a little bit more as compared to other hosts but its page size is 5.9 MB, so it’s good.


Server Response Time

Server Response Time of WP Engine is very very fast.

We did test for that. So, let’s see that…


This is one of our niche site which is hosted on WP Engine. You can see, The server response time is less than 50ms (0.05 seconds) That’s really great number.

wpengine-server-response-time-1 This one is WP Engine’s official site test, and it’s also loading within 100ms (0.1 seconds).

So, overall the performance of WP Engine is great. Really appreciated.


WP Engine’s overall interface is good. It does not provide cPanel for managing the hosting, but you have web based panel which is also good

Take a look here,

You have to log in first to enter the dashboard.


This is the WP Engine Dashboard.

wpengine-dashboard-cpanel  This is the Overview of particular install (site)wpengine-dashboard-cpanel-overview


WP Engine provides the great support. You have to log in for contacting their support team.

They provide all kind of support like Phone, Live Chat, and Tickets. Also, they response to your problem almost instantly. Once you purchase WP Engine service then, they will provide your details to login, and from that dashboard, you can do all the things smoothly.

So, overall we can say their support is really good.


Here are some reviews of WP Engine. So, take a look at what people say about it.

Jonathan Zufi

We are absolutely thrilled with WP Engine! The performance is great, and best of all, the support! Thanks to the team for your ongoing, continued support getting us going and for your patience!”

Phil Simon

My site loads ridiculously fast, my page views are up, and my business is seeing the results. I rest easy at night with the level of support. 

Ben LLewellyn

WP Engine empowers WordPress developers like myself to not only control the build quality of a website but also the online operational effectiveness of a website. I’d like to say thank you to James and the team in Shoreditch – London.”

Over To You

WP Engine is very good Managed WordPress Hosting provider. The pricing is very high as compared to other hosts in the industry and that’s only one con according to us. If your blog or site is getting a good amount of traffic and you want to host it on faster and secure hosting provider, then WP Engine is the one. But, to be honest, if you’re starting a new blog and don’t want to invest much more money in a starting phase then we recommend you to go for BlueHost. Read our BlueHost Review with Discount.


WP Engine
  • Price
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Support

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