How to Write a Blog Post Perfectly [Headline, Intro, Body, Close, CTA]

You have to stand out from the crowd if you want to make the difference. In blogging, you can’t make the difference with typical blog posts

You must write the perfect blog posts to make the difference.

Did you ever think why popular blog’s content is always different than normal blogs? Because they know how to deliver quality content in the right format. Ultimately we can say they write a perfect blog post every time they publish.

Ultimately we can say they write a perfect blog post every time they publish.

Probably now you’re thinking, how can I do the same?

It’s easy!

I’ve covered all the points which you need follow to make every blog post perfect.

Let’s see.


The headline is a very first thing which every new visitor see.

Research says you’ve only 2.6 seconds to win over a new visitor and in those seconds they see your headline.

So, your headline should be powerful and attention grabbing.

Here is the complete in-depth guide which I wrote for you. Read here.

Also, check out this guide to know the best blog titles.


This is actually opening of the topic. You should always make it interesting, short, and the most important thing beneficial.

In this section, your duty is to convince the reader to read a whole article.

So, how you do that?

Show theme importance of topic, benefit, and say them how easy it is if you follow your guide.

You can use the half-width image in this introduction part. Probably you’re thinking, WHY?

Because People don’t want to read more. And never an essay. it reduce the line width and reader feel less

So, it makes your line short, and the reader feels it easy to read. Ultimately I can say it improves readability of content.It reduce the line width and reader feel less

Many popular blogs like social triggers, backlinko are following this technique.

Take a look here,



This is the main part of our guide. The body of article includes Sub-headings, Main Content, Close, and some small CTA’s

Let’s see it step by step.

Sub Heads

Sub-heads are used to make sections of the content body. It could be anything like different steps, important sections, etc.

You must use sub-heads inside the body because if you don’t use, Reader will get bored of lengthy unformatted content.

Think- If you’re reading a 5000 words blog post and there are no sub-heads, only text content then how you feel? You feel like reading an essay. Right?

And believe me, in the online world no one wants to read the essay to learn something.


Add proper sub-heads in the content and make it meaning full, readable, and interesting.

Take a look here,


This is a core element of the whole blog post.

Here, you’ve to fulfill your promise which you gave earlier in the headline as well as in the introduction part. You’ve to do that because only because of these promises reader is now reached to this section.

So now,

Write and Explain the complete, in-depth, and actionable guide about your topic.

For example:

If your article is about Adsense approval then,

Explain in-depth…

  • How to setup Adsense friendly blog
  • How many posts needed
  • Which types of post needed
  • Which important pages you should create
  • How to design it to get approval for sure
  • How to apply and when to apply for Adsense
  • How to setup AdSense ads
  • etc.

Explain every single part.

Give people practical advice and get them results. This is the only way to make them benefited.


In the close section, you can sum up all the explanation which you wrote above. It’s kind of conclusion of the whole blog post.

Make sure you don’t explain the all things again. Here you just show them “to do” things quickly and the most important “Results.” That’s it!

Call To Action (CTA)

Call to Action is basically a final call to readers to do something.

Here you should give the reader a way to do the next step.

For example-

If your article is about Adsense approval, your CTA should be like…”Follow above steps and apply for the Adsense. You’ll definitely get approval. Do it now.”

“Follow above easy steps and apply for the Adsense. You’ll definitely get approval. Do it now.”

Hope you enjoyed this guide.

Share this article as well as an infographic. Let me know what you learn today from this article.

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