How to Write the Perfect/Catchy Blog Post Headlines [w Formula]

You’ve ONLY 2.6 SECONDS. It’s the average time to convince a new visitor.

If you fail to get their attention within those seconds, you lose them and probably they never return.

What doest a typical visitor do in those 2.6 seconds?

“They read your Headline.”

You’ve only 2.6 seconds!


How much time and effort you give to create a new blog post. Probably, you spend an hour to write a blog post, record a podcast or create a video content. Even you plan to write about something in weeks before writing it.

No matter,

How good your content is, how much compelling and valuable is, If you write a headline wrong, It’s all a total waste.

Visiter will come to your article, read the headline, feel it boring and just leave.

Some of the most largest successful websites like Huffington Post, Inc., Forbes, BuzzFeed understand the importance of compelling headline. They know how important a headline is.

They know how important a headline is.

That’s why they create a best, most compelling, most click-worthy headline.

They take a headline very seriously because they know the headline can make the difference in the world.

So, they are doing this, why you’re not?

You’ve created most powerful, most compelling, most click-worthy, and attention grabbing the headline.

So how do you do that?

Here is the complete guide to writing a perfect and catchy headline.

Step-1: Understand your topic and write it

The very first step is to understand the topic. Write down a simple head according to topic

For example:

If your blog post is about “Adsense approval” then write down simple headlines


  • Approve Adsense
  • How to approve Adsense
  • Adsense approval guide
  • etc.

Once you do that, save it for further use.

Step-2: Create 5-6 Catchy and Compelling headlines

Now, in this step write little bit catchy and compelling headline

For example:

  • How to get Adsense approval every time you apply
  • Guaranteed Adsense Approval Guide
  • Approve Adsense with new blog for sure
  • Approve Adsense for sure in this simple 5 steps

Step-3: Add Benefit in the headline

Think- Why people read your article?

Because they want something….they want a benefit about something. Right?

So, if we add benefit in the title then visitor easily understand that this blog post is exactly about what they’re looking for and they will get the benefit for sure.

For example:

  • Guaranteed Adsense Approval Guide [6 Easy Steps]
  • Adsense approval to brand new blog
  • Approve Adsense in just 6 steps

Step-4: Use power words

Power words help to get a click on the headline. They drive emotion inside the visitor’s mind.

Think- If someone typing in the google about Adsense approval, then what next?

He/she got the first top 10 results, and he’s looking for to click. Right?

Probably you think, the visitor will click on #1 result. But it’s not the right for all the times.

For example:

If your headline is about Adsense Approval and All other results are an average/typical headline and your headline with power words, then there are more chance to get clicked on your headline instead of #1 result.


Because you’re showing the specific benefits as well as using power words inside the headline copy.

Here are few power words which you can use for your blog post title.

  • Ultimate
  • Definitive
  • Guaranteed
  • Free
  • Popular
  • Exclusive
  • Insane
  • Best

Here is one infographic of power words. credit goes to coschedule.

Step-5: Be Specific

This is the simple but powerful thing to follow in headline writing.

“You’ve to be specific.”

Think- If in this article, I start explaining about How to write body text, sub-headlines, and CTA then you might leave the article.


Because now you’re looking for one guide which helps you to be perfect in headline writing and I’m explaining your body text, sub titles, CTA, etc. with the core topic headline.

So you’ve to be specific in the article.

If you want to cover other related things, then you can use related posts or links at the end of blog post.


Benefit + Power Word + Specific Thing = Best Headline


Here is one perfect blog post headline which I made

How to Approve Adsense for any [Gauranteed]

In this headline, I’ve added

Benefit: Approve Adsense

Power word: Guaranteed

Specific thing: How to Approve Adsense

Make sure to NOT make your headline too long and funky. It should be short sweet and meaningful.

Here are the 74 best headline formulas. This infographic credit goes to twelveskip.

Over to you

Headline writing is an art. Once you start practicing it, you will able to create amazing headlines instantly. Your creativity of building compelling title will improve.


Follow above steps and make a catchy headline for every single blog post.

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