How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post to Drive Huge Organic Traffic

SEO is a kinda thing which you’re doing for your blogs every time. Probably you have an SEO plan for your blog.

As you know, SEO is the most important factor to make your blog successful. Right?

So, Let me ask you…

What is your ultimate goal for making an SEO plan?

I’m sure your answer is sim- To Rank higher in SERP by making Blog SEO friendly!  Right ?

Did you know that almost 80% new blogs (growing blogs) do not write so friendly content while they publish the article. and only because of that they lose the chance to rank higher from beginning.

As you know, content is the most crucial part of the blog. So, if your content is already SEO friendly from day one, then you don’t need to apply more efforts to rank it.

Yes, you just need to create the SEO friendly blog post. That’s it, no big deal!

So, The question is – How you’ll write SEO Friendly article?

Here I’m going to explain exact strategies to write it.

It’s all about content. We also called it On Page SEO.

Write SEO Friendly Content

write seo friendlycontent

#1: Title

Title contains keyword:

Yes, the title must contain keyword every time you publish the article. It’s very important

Title begins with keyword:

If your post title begins with the keyword then it adds more power to rank. yes, if you can add keyword then do it, but make sure to not look spammy.

Title contains at least 3 words:

Your title should contain at least 3 words. You can use more words, but try to make it short, sweet and meaningful.

Title contains up to 66 characters:

Google do not show more than 66 characters in the title while the user gets the result of his search query (SERP). So, be smart and create powerful title within 66 characters.

#2 – URL

Permalink must contain your keyword:

Permalink is actual URL of your web page (Post). also, it plays very crucial role in rankings. so make sure you’re using a keyword in the permalink. Another important thing is

Another important thing is to remove stop words from permalink. it’ll very helpful in long term. you can see all the popular blogs uses short permalinks with including keywords.


#3 – Meta

Description meta tag should contain keyword:

Many of bloggers forgot to add meta tag description. If you’re not adding meta description manually then by default first 160 characters shows as meta description in the Google, and that’s not good practice to write SEO friendly blog post.

Let’s see an example-


Description meta tag contains up to 160 characters:

Yes, you should write description within 160 characters. Google only shows up to 160 characters in SERP’s.

Description meta tag begins with keyword:

It’s good to have a keyword in beginning of meta tag. But make sure it’s not looking spammy.

Keywords meta tag contains keyword:

At least once your keyword should be in the meta description.

#4- Heading

H1, H2 and H3 tag contains your keyword:

This is very very important on-page SEO factor. Your content must have H1, H2 and H3 tags at least once. and that’s not big deal at all.

By default, almost all WordPress themes use H1 tag as a title. so, you just need to add H2 nad H3 tags in content.

#5 – Content

Content contains at least 700 words:

Now, those days are gone when bloggers write an article of 300 words and rank in #1 st page of Google!

Think – You’re writing 500 words article and your competitor writing 5000 words. Who will rank higher?

I’m sure 5000 words article will rank higher because that article has more words, more LSI keywords, more images, and more relation with the core content.

So, I just want to say that, try to explain as deep as you can. that will help you to make your article huge. Make sure you’re not spinning your words (readers will get bored and never read again even next one is awesome). also, remember to add headings on necessary places in lengthy articles.

More content = More Chances to Rank Higher (Note that, I’m saying more chances and it’s far better than having NO chances to rank)

Nowadays many good bloggers writing huge articles on their blogs and the only reason behind that is to making article SEO friendly.

Probably you has been noticed pro bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Mathew woodward are always written article in thousands of words

Here is a very important checklist to make your content SEO friendly

  • Content has around 2.0 to 2.5% keyword density
  • Content contains keyword in the first and last 50-150 words 
  • Content contains at least one image with keyword in ALT attribute 
  • Content contains at least one bold, italicized and underlined keyword 
  • Content contains keyword in anchor text of at least one external link 
  • Content contains keyword in anchor text of at least one internal link 

#6 – LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)

Use LSI Keywords in content:

You have to use more and more LSI keywords if you really want to make your post SEO friendly.

Probably you think why LSI keywords are useful and why it is one part of google’s ranking algorithm.

Here is the reason-

How can Google identify, what your content exactly about?

Means, LSI keywords help Google to understand what your content exactly about.

If you’re going to write an article about “SEO friendly content” keyword

then, you can use LSI keywords such as…

  • what is SEO friendly
  • how to create SEO friendly content
  • SEO friendly content writing tips
  • blog post SEO
  • how does SEO work
  • SEO for website
  • what is quality content SEO
  • High-quality SEO
  • SEO and content marketing
  • quality SEO company
  • top SEO content writers
  • quality SEO service
  • SEO content writing
  • SEO quality articles
  • how to write SEO content
  • how to do SEO in a blog post
  • what is SEO friendly writing practice
  • SEO friendly blog
  • what does SEO friendly mean

I found these LSI Keywords using one tool called – LSI GRAPH.

So, I want to say that,

LSI keywords are very important in content to make it SEO friendly. So, you must use it in your every article.

Make sure you’re using LSI keywords NATURALLY in content. don’t make your content spammy by adding stock LSI keywords.

This YouTube video can help you to understand visually

WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO

Easy Wp SEO

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So, That’s all about making your content SEO friendly. follow these important tips and make your content SEO friendly every time you post.

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Let me know how you’re making your content SEO friendly on your blog? Also, feel free to ask any question, query or suggestion via comments and share this article on the social.

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