How to Write Viral Content and Get Tons of Traffic For Free

Bringing traffic to a new blog is one of the most challenging tasks in blogging. Not only for a new website, in fact, every blogger is in the race to find out a topic which can go viral and bring a huge amount of traffic.

As a money blogger, we all try to write articles choosing the hot topics that can grab attention and be shareable to get organic and referral based traffic. But how to make your content go viral? In this article I will share my knowledge of creating a viral content and how to bring tons of traffic to your blog.

What is a Viral Content?

First of all, let me tell you what actually a Viral Content is?

As a blogger, we always try to share our knowledge and update the blog regularly with various types of content as per our blogging niche. E.g. this blog is about blogging, make money online ideas, SEO guides and Social Media tips.

When some content is able to attract the attention of thousands of people, create huge awareness, help people to solve some problem or able to entertain people, that content easily gets popularity among people. And at the same time, it is shared by many people and gets spread like anything. Such kind of contents is called viral content.

Some time back, a smartphone named Freedom251 was launched in India at a price of Rs 251, which has created a huge buzz everywhere. Immediately I found many websites had started writing on how to book Freedom251 online, Freedom251 online booking steps, etc. Many people had already pre-ordered or were trying to pre-book the phone, as the price was unbelievably low.

So, this new launch has created a huge buzz and interest among the general public, and people were looking for many queries related to that term. Now the websites who were able to create some really useful informative articles about Freedom251 got easily viral in the social media.


Tips to Choose a Topic and What to Write

So, now the point is how to choose a topic to write a viral content. Generally, there are few ways to decide the topic to write content that may go viral.

Something Interesting about an upcoming event – Rio Olympics is starting in a few days followed by Paralympics. This is one of the major events in 2016. So you can prepare some really interesting article which will cover some interesting facts and details regarding the games. Can you write something to attract your visitors?

  • Trending topic

To write on a trending topic, you have to look for the topics where almost everyone has some interest. Pokemon Go is probably the most trending and popular topic of recent times. Half of the word have gone crazy about this game. So, if you can write a unique, useful article in this topic, chances are there that it will go viral.

  • Case studies

Case studies are wide going viral because “case studies tell a story.” It helps to understand the exact working strategy of any particular topic also it demonstrates the success.

  • How to – guides 

A how to guide or article that can actually help one to resolve day to day query is another example of a topic which can go viral easily. Mostly people are looking for many problems solving answers with a search term adding How to. In such a case if you are able to write something which is really helpful at the same time a trendy/ most searched topic, you can expect a massive traffic flow in short time. i.e. How to Pre-Order iPhone 7 Online or How to Book Train Tickets 30 Minutes before Departure.

  • Why – guides

Why guides are kind of surprises and reasons! People loves surprises. This types of guides create curiosity in mind of readers, and that’s why it goes viral. Also, it helps people to know something interesting and meaningful.

E.g . Why You Need to Stop Blogging for money only & start for passion.

  • List articles

These are very popular and interesting as people love to read about great people’s quotes, Top 10 or Top 100 list about many topics to increase their knowledge. Most of the time when people discover something interesting and new, they will definitely share and spread about that within their friend circle.

I.E. Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs without a College Degree or 10 Million-Dollar Ideas That Were Born Over a Couple of Beers

So, prepare something interesting like these and let people get amazed so that they can easily share your content and make it viral.

  • Infographics

Infographics are very powerful way to express the knowledge and information. People loves infographics because it delivers the information visually. It’s easy to share, so people share it more and more. You can make your article viral through infographics.

One good quote – “Picture speaks more than words.”

The importance of SEO during Writing Viral Content?

When we talk about blogging, SEO is the first thing to consider as without proper On-page and off-page SEO, our hard work will not get enough justice. Although we are creating some interesting or helpful content which might blow away someone’s mind and generate viral traffic via social media sharing, we should also concentrate on gaining a good rank in the SERPs as well to stay viral for those keywords for the days to come.

So you must follow the basic SEO strategies to make your content really useful for both people and the search engines.

  • Keyword Research – 

While preparing an article for making it viral, make sure to list all the related keywords which people can look for. Include all the long tail and LSI keywords in your article. After that explain everything in detail to make your article a masterpiece.

  • Internal linking – 

Make sure you are interlinking this article in your upcoming articles with various anchor texts to provide a good OnPage SEO support. Share the same in social media and also keep commenting in Comment-Luv blogs to bring it into people’s notice.

Does your content answer all the queries?

Finally, keep reading your contents and ask yourself as a reader whether your article is providing every solution or answer to your readers? If not, try to find that and enrich the article. In this way, over the period of time, your article will be enriched and will remain helpful forever beating the competition.

So, the main concept behind writing a viral content is how you can write which can emotionally connect people like making them happy, creating awareness, feeling relaxed, solving their problems, indulge them in some kind of debate or discussion or just increasing their general knowledge.

Have you written content that went viral? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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