Benefits of Writing: Why You Should Write Frequently

There are way too many depressions that will turn out to be ineffective. But we know for sure that writing will help you out.

Depression Cure in a Form of Writing

Psychologists have proven that writing is a stress relieving activity. No matter what you are writing, a personal blog, an essay for a university, or diary notes, it has a positive influence on your mental health. That`s highly important, especially nowadays when the number of student suicides has risen. Wait, we can drive you into even bigger depression with this news. Let`s better talk about writing and its therapeutic effects, all right?

You may disagree with the statement that writing essays may help you avoid stress. The moment when you start writing something but your head is like that “Blank Space” song by Taylor Swift may cause massive anxiety. It grows and grows as you`re struggling to produce a text which has at least some sense. And they call it stress-relieving? But if you change the way you treat such assignments, you`ll be able to spot all those benefits that writing can provide to you. Or you can just avail a cheap essay writing service and save your nervous system.

Let It All Out

“I wanna scream and shout, and let it all out”, I won`t even mention whose song it is for two reasons. Firstly, you have to know it, and if you don`t, that will be my biggest disappointment of the day. Secondly, that`s enough for you with the music references, or I`ll just fill the whole post with them. Yep, melomaniacs live in a cruel world full of restrictions. Who says you can`t sing along when your favorite tune is playing on the bus? Anyway, we all need to find a way to let our feelings out.

Psychologists compare human souls to cups. All kinds of emotions are accumulating in such containers, and sooner or later they get to the top. This is the moment that can hit you really hard. It may end with a nervous breakdown or a surge of anger that makes us say the words that we don`t actually mean. There are so many things that we should let go off and go on with our lives, but instead we keep that emotional garbage in our heads. Write about it. Your problems, fears, insecurities, and feelings that you think are destructive for you. Read them out loud. It will help. You`ll see.

Ross and Rachel Were on a Break!

You can criticize them, you can approve their decisions, or you can try to imagine such situation happening to you. That`s not only about Ross and Rachel from “Friends”. That can be about any movie or TV-show hero. You feel emotionally attached to your favorite characters, so you have a right to decide whether they did something wrong or right. You can apply it in your life with the help of writing.

I know it`s hard to understand this whole psychological schema at first, but let`s give it a try together. What would you say?

So, for example, you had a fight with your friend. It happens. You`re still besties, but there is this tension between you two, and you both can`t decide who is supposed to make the first move and apologize. Describe the whole situation on the paper. Imagine that it`s a scene from a movie, and you just watch it as an unbiased viewer. Do you see a clear picture now? Just grab a phone and call your pal, don`t be such a Ross.

Thinking About Writing a Novel?

These are just simple forms of writing. That`s just the way you can express your feelings in words in a diary. But many professional authors are sure that all memories find their reflection in their novels.

You can write about something that has nothing to do with you whatsoever, but subconsciously you`ll make your characters go through the pain and pleasure that you have once experienced. It helps get rid of that emotional burden many of us have and carry all the time.

You must know that J.K. Rowling was in a depression when she started writing the first book about Harry Potter. But the process of writing helped her get out of that dark place. Psychologists state that when you`re open and sincere with your audience, you`ll be able to cure the mental wounds that have been haunting you throughout the whole life.

So, don`t hesitate to write that first sentence of your own story.

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