21 Best YouTube Channel Ideas which You Can’t Stop Yourself To Start

Youtubing is now becoming the most trending career nowadays. With the increment of professional YouTubers, it has emerged as a very attractive and popular career field for everyone.

Even, Kids are starting their youtube channel based upon their interest and passion, and they are doing really well in this field.

The main motivation for the upcoming YouTubers are the popular Pro YouTubers. Right? And, you can easily find them in every niche.

Everybody wants to build up their own name in the online world, and that is what Youtube Does. Youtube is the best platform to show up your skills and get known to the world. On the other side, Youtube is a great way to make money online through monetizing your channel.

So, you can get name, fame, and money! Sounds great?

Now, probably you’re thinking to start youtube channel yourself, but you don’t have any idea on what to build a channel on. Right?

I highly recommend you to choose a category or niche which you are comfortable with. I mean you have some prior knowledge about it.

Here, I’m going to share a list of popular and best 21 Youtube channel ideas that you can start now.

Let’s see.

21 Best Youtube Channel Ideas For You

  • Technology Channel

The most popular and the most competitive channel category on the youtube is Tech, as there are thousands of tech channel already there on youtube. So it would be a little tough for you to make your name. But with your creativity and knowledge, you can surely do something great there.

Just start today!

  • Fitness Related Channel

People are very much aware of fitness and paying attention to their body. Here you can help them out by giving them fitness tips and techniques by publishing videos on your youtube channel. You can also make money out of it by referring health and fitness products to your viewers.

  • Interview Channel

You can start an Interview channel and publish interview videos with great personalities over your channel. Just collect some question, have some interesting topics to talk and approach influencers for an interview. Just take the interview, record it, and publish.

  • Entertainment Channel

You can start an Entertainment channel on youtube, if you own a production house or a director, then you can upload your own content on the channel. I have seen a lot of entertainment channel with their Web Series on youtube.

  • Tutorial Video

Everybody searches on the youtube for anything they face issues with. Whether it’s application or about fixing something. Here your skills can take you to the top. You can upload tutorials videos on any topic you’re good at.

  • Product Demonstration

I have come across a lot of channels which provides these types of stuff. I mean product demonstration. For example, You bought an electronic device and don’t know how to operate it then you just go on youtube and search for your queries. Right?

So the videos which you find are called Demonstration videos.

You can start this type of channel within any specific niche.

  • Music Videos

Everyone loves hearing music, and if you are good at it, then I recommend you to start a music channel on youtube. Sometimes musical videos go viral around the web, and that builds opportunities for you in the music industry.

Youtube is the perfect platform to show your talent.

  • Gaming Channel

Gaming is also a big genre where you can build your name as a great gamer by sharing your gameplay videos online on the youtube channel. There are lots of game lovers out there around the world who’ll surely watch your videos if you have something amazing in your videos.

Most of the times gamers want to know how to cross a particular task/mission/level in a game. And for that, they search on the youtube.

  • Product Review

Before buying anything, everybody wants to see the product review whether it’s online or offline.

Example: Your father wants to buy a car then he’ll surely ask a dozen of people regarding cars and will surely go on where the reviews will be better.

Here comes the concept of Product Review Channel

So, If you’re good at reviewing something, go for this type of channel.

  • Cover Songs Channel

Good at singing?

Then you must definitely try this idea. You can publish your own version of famous songs on your youtube channel and this way you can get opportunities and fame from all over the web (if you’re good). I have so many friends who are doing the same on youtube. You can also try.

  • Vlog Channel

Vlogging is the new form of blogging and is becoming very popular these days. You can to start a travel or personal Vlog Channel on youtube and start uploading your content there. There are youtube channels like MoVlog and Vlog Brothers with more than 3 million subscribers and are doing really good.

  • Explainer Videos

Things become very easy with the help of audio videos explanation, and it turns out attractive too. You can start an explainer video channel where you can publish Explainer video regarding different topics.

Recently I have shared a detailed guide on an Explainer Video Maker that can help you to make Explainer video. Check it out.

  • Cooking channel

You can start a cooking channel on youtube where you can share your cooking skills and teach people how to cook as well as other cooking techniques and methods. You can share your personal cooking recipes over it and can build a good fan following online.

  • Makeup/Beuty Tutorials

Makeup, hair, skincare, fashion and other related beauty regimens often require being seen. It’s far easier to master a winged eyeliner effect by watching someone doing it rather than reading a bunch of steps as a plain text.

Makeup and beauty channels are a popular choice among young women. So if you are a Style/Beuty Expert then you can start this kind of youtube channel today.

  • Vines Channel

Good at acting? Didn’t got any platform?

Don’t worry. Youtube will give you to the platform to show your acting skills. Youtube had already given platform to many hidden actors in our country like the top viners BB Ki Vines, Ashish Chanchlani, Amit Bhadana, etc

You can start a Vines channel, all you need is acting skills and creativity.

  • Roast Channel

If you are good at insulting someone, then this idea is just for you. Because everyone can’t roast someone, you must be very talented just like Leafyishere and Indian roasters like Carryminati. I’m not asking you to start abusing someone but yes the more creative you’ll be in insulting someone, better you’ll do in this field.

  • Testimonial Videos

Do you provide some kind of service or product? Then you can surely start a Testimonial Channel where you can publish testimonial videos regarding your product or service. You can request your client to send testimonials videos of your product, and you can publish it on your channel.

  • Parody Video

Parody Videos works too well, and people love it. It’s kinda videos which are a similar but funny version of a famous movie scene or sometimes about a movie or maybe whole movie. You can also start making parodies of your favorite TV Series or movie and publish it on your channel.

  • Prank Video

Wooo! Pranks. Everyone loves doing pranks and also prefers watching them online. Well, there are a lot of prank channels out there on youtube.

You’ll surely face competition.

It’s not that much tough, but you must have a very good sense of humor and bravery within you. Because sometimes Pranks may go wrong.

  • Blooper Videos

Many times there are bloopers while doing anything and you it’s kind of interesting to see the bloopers behind a scene. People love it, and nowadays the viners are also uploading Blooper stuff for increasing user engagement.You can to start a blooper channel and collect videos and publish it over

  • Home Remedy Videos

If You’re good at Home made remedies and knows a lot about it then you can surely start a channel on youtube based on Home Remedies.

Summing up all

Youtube is a great platform to build a business, brand and to show your skills online. I shared 21 most popular youtube channel ideas for you to start a youtube channel now. I don’t know on which category you’ll start your youtube channel, but I’ll just say

” Do anything but Be Unique. Don’t Copy Others”

People love to watch something useful, unique, and interesting.

Now, Let me know which type of channel you’re going to start? I’d love to know that.

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